While on leave, I found my way to another social networking tool, viz. geni.com. It’s highly addictive if you know many people in your family tree. If you don’t you soon run out of steam and your tree stops growing.

There are obviously some flaws in the still beta system, however, that don’t allow for complex and unusual family networks. One of my second cousins, e.g. says that geni won’t automatically connect his mother’s sister and his father’s brother as husband and wife. Funny that – who would expect two sisters to fall for and then marry two brothers? And of course, although it is biologically possible, but socially frowned upon geni.com does not allow siblings to share children. BUT geni.com does allow me to add my darling spoilt cat as the daughter of me and S.

So tomorrow it’s my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary and because they don’t have internet access (here in developing Ahfricah), I am taking my laptop along and with all the family shouting at me, I will be updating our family tree to the level of the oldest memory of the second oldest living family member who turned 90 two Sundays ago. Our oldest living family member is 94 years old I think, but he won’t be there tomorrow, unfortunately.

Alright, so that was me bragging about longevity in our family.