I am a loyal reader of Groundwork, who posted a quote by David Foster Wallace today. The quote inspired me to find one of my own quotes that was equally thought provoking and meaningful – to me, at least. At the moment, I feel like I can’t match that quote, but it could be the result of the newness of the Wallace quote to me.

So, I post a quote that is maybe not as fresh as the one found at Groundwork:

Like most US feminism, post-colonialism is a way of being politically radical without necessarily being anti-capitalist, and so is a peculiarly hospitable form of leftism for a ‘post-political’ world. Terry Eagleton in LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS, 13 May 1999 on A CRITIQUE OF POST COLONIAL REASON: TOWARD A HISTORY OF THE VANISHING PRESENT by Gayatri Spivak