I like change and I like things that are pleasing to the eye. So, at the start of every month I religiously download a calendar for my computer desktop from Smashing Magazine. I’ve been doing this for about the past year and am happy to announce that quite a few of the calendars for April 2010 are both good to look at and well executed. The previous few months have been rather poor, so poor that I thought I could design a better calendar myself. Hah! You sneer.

So, I sat down at my computer, with my designer brain on my right hand side and set to work. I conscientiously scaled my design for different monitor sizes and sent them off to Smashing. Unfortunately, Smashing was not as impressed by my novice design skills as I am. Mature as I am, I can’t hold this against them; what I do hold against them, though, is forcing me to scale the calendar to 18 different sizes before not making the shortlist. The positive outcome of that is that today I can say I know how to re-scale my designs.

Have a look at my novice design and I will not be offended to learn that rather than download my calendar, you chose to download one from Smashing Magazine. I chose April because April is my birthday month, so it is special for me … and I to it.

April 2010 1280 x 800