Experimenting with After Effects this weekend, I began with trying to animate the logo I designed for myself. Not entirely happy with the result and rather than chip away at it tirelessly without really knowing what I wanted to do, I decided to work on something more distant.

Unbeknown to him, I chose Grondwerk‘s domain name, thinking that if I wasn’t happy with it, he would never have to see it, and if I was happy with it, he didn’t have to be. I worked away on Saturday afternoon with the help of an After Effects video tutorial that makes it all so clear.

I designed a simple logo with a classic look and found myself hoping that Grondwerk would like it. When I realised that I wanted him to like it, I started to worry that if he didn’t like it, I would be gutted and not continue my experiments. Then I remembered that I am not easily discouraged when I am having fun and believe in what I am doing, and what I was having fun doing and believing in was experimenting.

Turn on your volume to experience the result:

The music sampled is “It’s good to be here” from the Digable Planets’ 1993  debut album “Reachin’ (A new Refutation of Time and Space)”.