Shop front

Blank Books is a second hand bookshop that’s open on Saturdays from 9h00 until 15h00. No, the pages of the books aren’t blank – the owner’s surname is, however, Blank. He is also a friend of mine. He won’t mind if, when you visit his establishment, you throw around some puns about his surname, like, “Did you draw a blank when trying to think of a name for the shop?” No, he will most likely join in and up the punning ante.

I finally went and spent my birthday book voucher at Blank Books this Saturday. I was told that it was the first book voucher that Blank Books issued. It was issued before the shop was opened and it was issued before the web site was completed. I was told that this was because my boyfriend had worked on the web site. I was surprised and said, “I thought it was because I was your friend.” The proprietor responded, “Yes, that too.”

Blank Books shares the space with a gallery-cum-photographic studio and you’re allowed to take food, drinks and dogs inside.

I will be preserving my birthday book voucher for when Blank Books is the only bookshop around. I told this to the proprietor and he said, “… the biggest bookshop around.” I insisted, however, “The only bookshop around.” When it is the only bookshop around, I will be able to sell the first Blank Books book voucher on the equivalent of whatever ebay becomes for googles of the strongest currency around.

Inside the shop