Yesterday afternoon, Ronald Britten, a principled man, who believed in freedom and equality passed away.

You probably have never heard of him, but his family will miss him. He was forced to leave South Africa in the 1960s and travelled via Ghana to the UK where he and his family made a home for themselves. Away from the rest of their family.

Ronnie Britain was a member of the progressive anti-apartheid Non-European Unity Movement, a movement that was founded in Cape Town by, amongst others, I.B. Tabata. It’s more recent members included Neville Alexander, Irwin Combrink and RO Dudley, all now passed away. I do believe the movement lives on and that there are members in the Eastern Cape Pondoland region, too.

In 1988 I met Ronnie, my uncle, for the first time when I travelled to England. I was thrilled to have an adult to debate political and philosophical matters with at any time of the day.

Goodbye Uncle Ronnie – I will always remember the time you took to debate with and challenge me.