‘attention to detail’ is probably the phrase that best describes me. Not that I am the best at paying attention to detail, but it is what you would be most likely to remember me for.

At times it may appear that I am lacksadaisical about paying attention to detail and if you drew that conclusion, you would be correct. There is an element of impatience to my personality and it’s usually at my own lack of knowledge or skill. At these times I come across as less than rigorous and with little pride in my work. There is no excuse; it is simple impatience. Part of me also thinks about all the people who get away with being less exacting, less attentive, and showing less pride in what they produce and I think that if they can get away with their work, even though I do not want to be associated with them, I think my mistakes can also be excused. So, there’s some weird logic at work here or there, in my head.

At other times, however, I become impatient because I think that the jist of what I am saying is clear. I know that this happens because I tend to grasp the jists of what others may be trying to say quite quickly and then I wish they would hurry up and finish. Apologies therefore, if my idiosyncrasies interfere with your understanding.

Sometimes, though, I’m simply unclear.

This is a rider then to warn you, reader, not to always expect everything I write to be rigorous and clearly thought through. I shall try my best because then it will be easier for you to read and you will be more likely to return to read further posts, sending my ratings skywards.

Thank you for reading this first page!