The header image on this blog is a crop of a photograph taken by Bruce Sutherland.

This is an aerial view of my hometown over the N2 in Cape Town. The apartheid designated “coloured” suburbs of Athlone and Rylands are on the left of the N2 and the “black” township of Langa on the right of the highway in the foreground.

The two cooling towers on the right that force you to close your nose from the stench when you drive by some days and the resilient Table Mountain are features that have been there all my life. New developments include the brick houses in Langa – which are hard to see in this crop – and the concave curves of Athlone Stadium on the left.

29 April 2011

As Nina has pointed out, the cooling towers were demolished on 22 August 2010. They are no longer part of the landscape, but for those of  us who grew up with them, there they are in the photograph.